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Rachel Guez is in development program management at a large biopharmaceutical company.  She lives and works in the tristate area but her job takes her on the road up to five days a week. Rachel told us that as a woman who interfaces with the most senior management at [my company], I need my style to say that I’m a professional, highly capable woman.” Rachel trusts Wishi to save her time and help her put her best foot forward whether she’s at work or play. She understands that good clothes open doors. We spoke to Rachel about her experience being #styledbywishi.

Q) What brought you to Wishi and made you book your first session? 

I saw some awesome outfits on Instagram that noticed they were #styledbywishi. I clicked on the hashtag and when I saw it was an app, I knew I had to see what it was all about.

When I opened the app, I immediately say all the chic but inventive outfits curated by stylists for other customers on the feed. I ended up purchasing a couple of items that I saw  from here. Then I had to have some outfits personalized for me because I loved the outfits curated for others.

Q) How does your personal style fit into your lifestyle?

The outfits I wear are so important to me. I need to wear business casual attire most days [but] I still want to express myself with my style every day. 

Q) How does Wishi work for your busy life?

After answering a few questions about my style, I got personalized looks that would have taken me ages to think of! 

Q) What do you want your style to say about who you are and how did Zu help you achieve that?

I’ve been really inspired by Man Repeller’s mantra,  “…an interest in fashion does not minimize one’s intellect.” As a woman who interfaces with the most senior management at a large Biopharmaceutical company, I need my style to say that I’m a professional, highly capable woman, even if my skirt is green tiger print. Zu helped me put together fun pieces with more neutral and everyday items, making these pieces more wearable for a professional setting. She also talked to me about other ways that I could use with items already in my wardrobe and items that she suggested to create multiple looks, whether for work, fun, or travel. 

Q) What were your favorite aspects of working with a stylist?

The best part was Zu’s ability to curate looks that were totally my style, but I would have never thought of myself! She showed me how simple and statement pieces can be worn in so many different ways, so I could get the most out of each item. I love that she mixed things that were already in my closet with new items that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without! Even though I enjoy shopping and styling myself, getting a fresh perspective has really helped me improve my fashion game and get out of the rut I’ve been in.

Q) If you could guess, how many hours do you think this service has saved you?

A) 5-6, just in the first booking!

Q) How did you shop before Wishi? 

My daily routine is when I’m on my second cup of coffee, I head to Shopbop.com to see what’s new that day at the ~8 am drop. I add items I love to my wish list, and think about how I could wear them. Unfortunately, I’ve missed out on so many items I’d love to wear because they sold out before I figured out how to incorporate them into an outfit. In the future, I know I can share some of these items with Zu, and she can help me incorporate them. However, I know now that I don’t need to stay in a rut and miss out on pieces I’ve fallen in love with!

Q) Has Wishi gained your trust? Will you re-booking and do you gave a particular timeline in mind to rebook?

Yes! I ultimately ended up getting a subscription and I’m already anxious for my next monthly consultation.

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Wishi Style Stories: @MrsDowJones

ishi user Haley Sacks @mrsdowjones needed a few looks for her upcoming press tour. Her #wishistylist had her chic from head to toe in no time! Swipe to see all of her looks and get some major inspo!

Wishi user Haley Sacks @mrsdowjones needed a few looks for her upcoming press tour. Her #wishistylist had her chic from head to toe in no time! Swipe to see all of her looks and get some major inspiration!


Haley needed an outfit for her upcoming interview with The New York Times, a dream come true!


Haley had 48 hours until her Good Morning America appearance. Her Wishi stylist helped her get camera-ready looks in no time!

Self-Care Services

With a 10 billion dollar valuation, to say the self-care industry is booming would be a massive understatement. Here are some of our favorite self-care services that are innovating the business of how we take care of ourselves.

A hair and makeup team have long been a staple of the celebrity entourage. They’re so invaluable, they’ve received accolades from A-listers during award season. Thanks to Glamsquad, now everyone has access to professionally-trained beauty gurus. Glamsquad is an on-demand, right-to-your-door beauty service that gives everyone access to celebrity-level beauty treatments. Whether you need a blowout for a hot date, professional makeup application for a big interview or a manicure just because Glamsquad brings whatever you need to feel beautiful from your phone to your home. “Glamsquad is here for weekly blowouts, a fun night out, or just because!” To utilize their services, simply download their app, say what you’re looking for and when you want it, and technology will do the rest. Nothing says ‘self-care in the 21st century’ like making the beauty treatment of your dreams come to you!

When it comes to finding a talented, reliable, and professional masseuse, who knows where to start? If you’re lucky enough to live near a hotel with a spa, you can call and book a massage through them. But what happens if you don’t? Soothe is an app built for those of us who don’t have the energy for the pomp-and-circumstance of or time to travel to a hotel for a massage. Do you have an extremely inflexible work schedule, or are you in a new city but need to work out some kinks? Soothe makes self-care easy and achievable. You can book a massage in advance, or have a vetted masseuse show up at your door in as little as an hour. Byrdie likened Soothe to Uber and it’s matching process: “You select the time and location…then, just like Uber, the app matches you with one of Soothe’s 7000 certified massage therapists, and they turn up wherever you are: your home, hotel room, office, anywhere.” What’s not to love about that?

We all go through up and downs but when you’re feeling really low, how do you get an objective opinion or the coping mechanisms to not just survive those bad days, but thrive during the good ones? Therapy can be expensive and the process of finding the right doctor can be tricky. Some people prefer the referral process but what if you’re not comfortable sharing details of your mental health tons of people until you find someone who has a recommendation? Now there’s Talkspace. With the touch of a button, you have access to an affordable, professional mental health specialist instantly and in the palm of your hand. Talkspace guarantees their providers response time and gives you access to 5000+ licensed therapists wherever you have your phone or a wifi connection. “ Talkspace is a therapy [app] that, rather than setting up appointments for Skype or chat sessions, lets you text your therapist whenever you feel so moved, in a never-ending exchange that looks like the ongoing iMessage chain you have with a friend from college,” writes Bustle. The ability to text your therapist is a step in the right direction when it comes to demystifying  mental health. During sign-up, Talkspace asks you about your reasons for seeking therapy, may they be anxiety, depression, or even if you’re just having an off-day. This process ensures you’re matched with the right mental health professional, qualified to do exactly what you need.

Personal styling is as much of an act of self-care as the above! ‘Retail Therapy’ is a term that carries scientific validity, as Psychology Today points out: “In [our] most recent consumer interviews, online shopping is increasingly mentioned as a type of mini-mental vacation.” Now imagine this mini-mental vacation was in the hands of a boutique hotel service, who took care of you so well you never want to leave. Wishi combines the mental-wellness aspect of retail therapy with the support & care you’ve come to expect at boutique services, such as a hair salon or a tailored travel service. What’s more, Wishi customers have likened their stylists to therapists before, as so much of personal style is rooted in your sense of self and your own self-esteem. For all the reasons why retail therapy would feel non-therapeutic, like not being able to discern which shirt you truly want, a Wishi stylist has the solution. Use Wishi as a break from work, a break from life, or a break from…whatever! You’re going to feel great: it’s science.

http://www.wishi.meTake 30 seconds to take stock of how you feel at least twice a day and take care to take care.

The Difference Between Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers

A common misconception about personal shoppers and stylists is that they serve the same purpose, but in reality, they have very different skill sets. Below are the most significant differences between what to expect with a personal stylist, versus what to expect with a personal shopper.

1) An Unbiased Opinion

Personal shoppers, when found in a department store, will often offer you their services for free. However, they make a commission off of sale, so there is an incentive to steer you – the client – to the priciest option, which might not be the best option for you. This isn’t always the case, especially for personal shoppers that are available for hire outside of a department store, but it certainly is the most common. Personal stylists are hired for their time, which is one of the key differences between what they do and what a personal shopper does. When booking a personal stylist, you enlist the help of a trusted expert solely focused on making you feel great about your look, and about yourself. This means there is no hidden agenda; only an end goal of you- the client – having total satisfaction with your experience.

2) Collaborative vs. Transactional

Personal shopping, by design, is a transactional experience. At the end of the day, you only buy what you want to buy, and it’s the personal shopper’s job to provide you with as many relevant options as possible. The downside of this is that a personal shopper is looking for many options, not looking for the right option. A client can feel pressured to buy something to compensate for their shopper’s time. Conversely, personal styling is a collaborative experience. In order for a personal stylist to do their job, they need to understand you inside and out. Understanding you doesn’t just mean things like price range, color preference, and clothing measurements. Any good stylist will ensure that you look your best by taking into account your entire persona, from your lifestyle down to your ring size. So when your personal stylist finds you a great pair of jeans, you’re not just getting jeans, you’re getting something that will make you look great and feel even better. 

3) Your Relationship

Perhaps the most notable difference between personal stylists and personal shoppers is the nature of your relationship. The key difference is between the process of styling and the process of shopping. Think about the last time you went to a department store. Personal shoppers are usually roaming the floor, available for assistance should you need help finding something. One can also hire a personal shopper outside of a department store, but people who do this typically have a loose budget and can afford it. Shopping is a simple process: first grab what you think you like, decide what you love, and then purchase it. Process over. Styling is a much more personal process and as a result, great stylists aren’t always easy to find. Personal styling, when done best, has an evolving timeline. A personal stylist’s job is to put you in the clothes that best suit who you are, and what you like. They help you craft your image, express your personality, and most of all, have fun. The more you and your stylist get to know each other, the better it gets. Like a fine wine!

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