Wishi Style Stories: Rachel Guez


Rachel Guez is in development program management at a large biopharmaceutical company.  She lives and works in the tristate area but her job takes her on the road up to five days a week. Rachel told us that as a woman who interfaces with the most senior management at [my company], I need my style to say that I’m a professional, highly capable woman.” Rachel trusts Wishi to save her time and help her put her best foot forward whether she’s at work or play. She understands that good clothes open doors. We spoke to Rachel about her experience being #styledbywishi.

Q) What brought you to Wishi and made you book your first session? 

I saw some awesome outfits on Instagram that noticed they were #styledbywishi. I clicked on the hashtag and when I saw it was an app, I knew I had to see what it was all about.

When I opened the app, I immediately say all the chic but inventive outfits curated by stylists for other customers on the feed. I ended up purchasing a couple of items that I saw  from here. Then I had to have some outfits personalized for me because I loved the outfits curated for others.

Q) How does your personal style fit into your lifestyle?

The outfits I wear are so important to me. I need to wear business casual attire most days [but] I still want to express myself with my style every day. 

Q) How does Wishi work for your busy life?

After answering a few questions about my style, I got personalized looks that would have taken me ages to think of! 

Q) What do you want your style to say about who you are and how did Zu help you achieve that?

I’ve been really inspired by Man Repeller’s mantra,  “…an interest in fashion does not minimize one’s intellect.” As a woman who interfaces with the most senior management at a large Biopharmaceutical company, I need my style to say that I’m a professional, highly capable woman, even if my skirt is green tiger print. Zu helped me put together fun pieces with more neutral and everyday items, making these pieces more wearable for a professional setting. She also talked to me about other ways that I could use with items already in my wardrobe and items that she suggested to create multiple looks, whether for work, fun, or travel. 

Q) What were your favorite aspects of working with a stylist?

The best part was Zu’s ability to curate looks that were totally my style, but I would have never thought of myself! She showed me how simple and statement pieces can be worn in so many different ways, so I could get the most out of each item. I love that she mixed things that were already in my closet with new items that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without! Even though I enjoy shopping and styling myself, getting a fresh perspective has really helped me improve my fashion game and get out of the rut I’ve been in.

Q) If you could guess, how many hours do you think this service has saved you?

A) 5-6, just in the first booking!

Q) How did you shop before Wishi? 

My daily routine is when I’m on my second cup of coffee, I head to Shopbop.com to see what’s new that day at the ~8 am drop. I add items I love to my wish list, and think about how I could wear them. Unfortunately, I’ve missed out on so many items I’d love to wear because they sold out before I figured out how to incorporate them into an outfit. In the future, I know I can share some of these items with Zu, and she can help me incorporate them. However, I know now that I don’t need to stay in a rut and miss out on pieces I’ve fallen in love with!

Q) Has Wishi gained your trust? Will you re-booking and do you gave a particular timeline in mind to rebook?

Yes! I ultimately ended up getting a subscription and I’m already anxious for my next monthly consultation.

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Sustainable Fashion & Wishi

Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to the collective global waste crisis. It’s now more important than ever to shop smarter and more thoughtfully. Sustainability is one of Wishi’s core values as a service. Here’s why:

“Levi Strauss & Co. is aware of the growing use of forest-based fabrics in apparel supply chains. We are committed to working with the environmental nonprofit organization Canopy and others in the apparel industry to address the sustainable production of forest-based fabrics. Our goal is to ensure that no forest-based materials that originate from the world’s ancient and endangered forests enter into our supply chain.”
  1. Less Returns Means Less Waste

One of the many benefits to enlisting a personal stylist is that they’ll grow to know you and your style preferences, and they also understand the nuances of the fashion world. Some brands run large, some run small, some seem more ‘worth it’ by your standards and vise versa.

All of this knowledge translates to smarter recommendations that you’re more likely to be happy with long after purchase. This means less shipping collateral sent to your door, and the reduction of back-and-forth you might go through when trying to put together the perfect look all by yourself. 

“We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. We invest in green building infrastructure to minimize our waste, water, and energy footprints. By providing on-the-job training and opportunities for growth, we also invest in the people who make this revolution possible.”

2. Wave Goodbye to the Single-Use Outfit

The era of the single-use outfit has come and gone. Fast fashion is infamous for a few things, one of which being the ‘single use outfit’ – looks you wear once and never again. When you need a specific look for a specific occasion, it’s easy to swing by your local retailer, buy what you need, wear it once, and never think about it again. But that also translates to more clothes you will eventually donate or throw out, which can largely contribute to the global waste problem, as many fast fashion brands aren’t known for using sustainable or biodegradable fabrics. Think of having a personal stylist as your one-way ticket to the world of multi-use outfits. Having a stylist means you’re investing in quality pieces that’ll have legs for years to come, making both you – and the earth – happy with your shopping habits.

“Fewer, better is the foundational philosophy that leads all aspects of our brand. With a strong belief in conscious consumption, sustainability is deeply ingrained in our business practice. We encourage our customers to purchase fewer, but better quality pieces that they will love and treasure for years to come. With each item, we carefully consider our design, material and production process for a greater impact on your wardrobe and a smaller impact on the environment.”

3. reCREATE from your Closet

Getting professionally styled doesn’t always mean purchasing new clothes: you can get styled in the clothes that you already own and love! On the Wishi app, you have the ability to upload photos of items you already own to your virtual closet. Your stylist can draw on these, or build looks around these items, for a fully sustainable styling experience. Making use of the items you already known has several benefits, some more obvious than others: Firstly, no purchase means no potential of returns or waste. But also, styling clothes you already own – probably pieces that have been sitting in your closet for a while – breathes new life into those items. Fashion flows with the trends, but your style is forever. Give your clothes the chance to last a lifetime by working with a stylist – the results might surprise you! 

“When you buy a piece of clothing from Everlane, you can check the cost of materials, labor, transport, and duties, and learn about who made it and where it’s been.”

4. Break Ground with New Brands

Another benefit to having a personal stylist is that you’ll get constantly introduced to new, up-and-coming brands. If sustainability, eco-friendly, and zero-cruelty are aspects of your shopping experience that really matter most to you, just tell your stylist! There are plenty of sustainable brands to draw on while creating a look: some use fabrics made out of recycled plastics, others make clothing in small batches to ensure no item ends up in a landfill. Additionally, shopping vintage is a fabulous way to stay sustainable in your styling experience. Luxury resale is a booming business hinged on the fact that style is timeless, and luxury items should have the ability to live forever. For every pre-owned item that you buy, you’re positively contributing to the global waste bottom-line. New life is breathed into the item, and because it was pre-owned, it probably comes at a discount. A win-win-win if you ask us! 

#StayHome Activities

Are you at home looking for a distraction or a way to pass the time? We’ve got you! We’ve put together another list of our favorite ways to unwind while we #stayhome.


“Luther” (Amazon Prime), “Safe” (Netflix) and “My Brilliant Friend (HBO).


12 Virtual Museum Tours 

A tour of the Georgia Aquarium

Virtual Disney Rides

Learn Online:

for Free and from an Ivy! 

Workout Virtually:



Or if you’re lucky enough to be able to get outside and maintain #socialdistancing rules, add some fun to your run with the Zombies Run! app.

We’re also long-time fans of Obe Fitness (get an extended free trial of live and on-demand classes with code: FACEBOOK), Melissa Wood Health and Sculpt Society (which bother offer 7-days free with a new membership).

The Class by Taryn Toomey is a crowd favorite which is offering 2 weeks free.

Die of cuteness:

with live animal cams from Dog Bless You and Kitten Rescue

Or chat with your Wishi stylist!

The Case for Getting Dressed

As many of us #WFH in sweats, we want to make the case for getting dressed to look and feel you’re best!

Wishi stylist Adriana Gonzalez-Ramirezhas put together some tips to upgrade your WFH wardrobe while we await the days when we can show our outfits off outside!

  1. Wear a sexy lace cami or cropped top underneath a button down shirt will elevate your look.                                           
  2. Add a bit of sparkle where you can- it’ll give you something to look forward to in the near future. Add fun and mismatched jewelry to make your style unique and fun. 
  3. Decorate your hair with fun barrettes or headbands. Both are super on-trend!
  4. Wear colorful items or floral pieces. Brighter hues instantly give a visual jolt of energy and have the power to boost your mood. 

Right now, a sweatpant rut is MORE than fine… but, if you want to take the time (which we all have plenty of right now), to switch up your look, we are here for you!

Still need a little more motivation or inspiration?

Book a Wishi stylist to have personalized looks created just for you!

Wishi's WFH Styling Tips!

Karla’s Favorite #WFH Tips!

Like many of you, the team at Wishi HQ has become The Wishi WFH crew. So, we asked our users for your favorite ways to work from home and Karla chose her favorites.

TIP 1: Sarah A., Atlanta, GA

Do get ready, not dress up but maybe have on workout clothes or comfy stylish sweats (like awesome cropped sweats and sweatshirts) that you would go out in. 

I have shows streaming in the background for some noise. Gilmore Girls, Frasier, Seinfeld, Friends etc. Podcast are great as well. Schedule lunch and break. It’s easy to sit and work all day. Sit outside if you can. Have a dedicated work area. Light a scented candle!

TIP 2:  Linda B, Bedford, NY

 Do a home workout as a break/to stretch your legs.

TIP 3:  Lydia G., Chicago, IL

Love this community call to action! Let’s inspire each other however we can.

TIP 4:  Olivia R., Brooklyn, NY

Make your bed and already feel accomplished for the day.

TIP 5: Shannon C., NYC

My absolute favorite way of WFH is practicing self-care aka binge-watching Seinfeld reruns in the background while eating chocolate-covered donut holes while working. 

TIP 6: Hannah K., West Hollywood, CA

 Have a set end-of-day!

TIP 7: Anna B., Palm Beach, FL

I like to do jumping jacks for five minutes every hour to get my blood moving. That way I’m not sedimentary all day.

TIP 8: Becca O., Boulder, CO

If you work with a team remotely, have a dedicated way of communicating with your team like slack. And skype with them once a week to maintain a more real connection.

Have other great #WFH tips to share with the Wishi community? DM us @TheWishi or email us at hello@wishi.me and you could be featured here!


Our Favorite At-Home Activities

Stuck at home, going stir-crazy and wishi-ng for a distraction? We’ve got you! Check our favorite things to do when we have a little extra time on our hands.


 Our stylists favorite shows: “Fauda” (Netflix), “I’m Sorry” (Netflix), “The Night Manager” (Amazon).


with Headspace.



Your way through the Plenty Cookbook.


Your closet to Wishi.


With your stylist!


Book a Stylist for Occasions

The Benefits :

Some book their first personal styling session because they have an important event coming up. This is natural, as these special occasions often prompt us to take a closer look at our closets. Will this work for that? What do you even wear to this? We’ve broken down four common scenarios. 

  1. Wedding Guest/Date

Regardless of who’s big day it is, weddings are an occasion that often calls for romantic dresses, linen suits, ceremony-friendly heels, and bags that miraculously go with everything. Enlisting the help of a personal stylist for wedding season can be a real timesaver. Here’s a scenario: you’ve got 4 weddings in the near future, all different dress codes, locations, and themes. You’ve been getting emails from countless retailers telling you what to wear. But you also have a life, a full time job, and a family to tend to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try a personal stylist for your next wedding season. 

  1. Big Day at Work

The last thing you’re going to want to think about if you have a big professional moment coming up is your outfit. Clothes can say a lot of things, but when you’re giving a presentation or on an industry panel, the only thing your outfit should say is “listen up.” A professional stylist can help you find the perfect outfit for your big day at work, while you get to focus on the important stuff. All you’ll need to think about is showing up and, inevitably, wow-ing your constituents. 

  1. Night Out 

The classic: a night-out style predicament. Whether it’s a special date with your significant other, or a night bar-hopping with your friends from college, we often put a lot more pressure on ourselves, style-wise, when the sun goes down. Booking a personal stylist for these occasions is a fail-safe way to ensure that your mojo will be sky-high all night long. Plus, it will significantly increase the amount of times you’re out with your friends and say to yourself “I can’t go home yet, not enough people have seen this outfit.”

  1. Vacation

Enlisting the help of a personal stylist simplifies your vacation planning astronomically. Stylists specialize in outfits, not just items. This means that each morning you’re on vacation, all you need to do is get dressed, and go. Vacation mode ON – thinking not needed. What’s more blissful than that? Simply let your stylist know where you’re going, what you’re doing there, and how many days you’re packing for, and – like magic – your packing is finished. 

Feeling inspired? Same here.