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Rachel Guez is in development program management at a large biopharmaceutical company.  She lives and works in the tristate area but her job takes her on the road up to five days a week. Rachel told us that as a woman who interfaces with the most senior management at [my company], I need my style to say that I’m a professional, highly capable woman.” Rachel trusts Wishi to save her time and help her put her best foot forward whether she’s at work or play. She understands that good clothes open doors. We spoke to Rachel about her experience being #styledbywishi.

Q) What brought you to Wishi and made you book your first session? 

I saw some awesome outfits on Instagram that noticed they were #styledbywishi. I clicked on the hashtag and when I saw it was an app, I knew I had to see what it was all about.

When I opened the app, I immediately say all the chic but inventive outfits curated by stylists for other customers on the feed. I ended up purchasing a couple of items that I saw  from here. Then I had to have some outfits personalized for me because I loved the outfits curated for others.

Q) How does your personal style fit into your lifestyle?

The outfits I wear are so important to me. I need to wear business casual attire most days [but] I still want to express myself with my style every day. 

Q) How does Wishi work for your busy life?

After answering a few questions about my style, I got personalized looks that would have taken me ages to think of! 

Q) What do you want your style to say about who you are and how did Zu help you achieve that?

I’ve been really inspired by Man Repeller’s mantra,  “…an interest in fashion does not minimize one’s intellect.” As a woman who interfaces with the most senior management at a large Biopharmaceutical company, I need my style to say that I’m a professional, highly capable woman, even if my skirt is green tiger print. Zu helped me put together fun pieces with more neutral and everyday items, making these pieces more wearable for a professional setting. She also talked to me about other ways that I could use with items already in my wardrobe and items that she suggested to create multiple looks, whether for work, fun, or travel. 

Q) What were your favorite aspects of working with a stylist?

The best part was Zu’s ability to curate looks that were totally my style, but I would have never thought of myself! She showed me how simple and statement pieces can be worn in so many different ways, so I could get the most out of each item. I love that she mixed things that were already in my closet with new items that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without! Even though I enjoy shopping and styling myself, getting a fresh perspective has really helped me improve my fashion game and get out of the rut I’ve been in.

Q) If you could guess, how many hours do you think this service has saved you?

A) 5-6, just in the first booking!

Q) How did you shop before Wishi? 

My daily routine is when I’m on my second cup of coffee, I head to Shopbop.com to see what’s new that day at the ~8 am drop. I add items I love to my wish list, and think about how I could wear them. Unfortunately, I’ve missed out on so many items I’d love to wear because they sold out before I figured out how to incorporate them into an outfit. In the future, I know I can share some of these items with Zu, and she can help me incorporate them. However, I know now that I don’t need to stay in a rut and miss out on pieces I’ve fallen in love with!

Q) Has Wishi gained your trust? Will you re-booking and do you gave a particular timeline in mind to rebook?

Yes! I ultimately ended up getting a subscription and I’m already anxious for my next monthly consultation.

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