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Some book their first personal styling session because they have an important event coming up. This is natural, as these special occasions often prompt us to take a closer look at our closets. Will this work for that? What do you even wear to this? We’ve broken down four common scenarios. 

  1. Wedding Guest/Date

Regardless of who’s big day it is, weddings are an occasion that often calls for romantic dresses, linen suits, ceremony-friendly heels, and bags that miraculously go with everything. Enlisting the help of a personal stylist for wedding season can be a real timesaver. Here’s a scenario: you’ve got 4 weddings in the near future, all different dress codes, locations, and themes. You’ve been getting emails from countless retailers telling you what to wear. But you also have a life, a full-time job, and a family to tend to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try a personal stylist for your next wedding season. 

  1. Big Day at Work

The last thing you’re going to want to think about if you have a big professional moment coming up is your outfit. Clothes can say a lot of things, but when you’re giving a presentation or on an industry panel, the only thing your outfit should say is “listen up.” A professional stylist can help you find the perfect outfit for your big day at work, while you get to focus on the important stuff. All you’ll need to think about is showing up and, inevitably, wow-ing your constituents. 

  1. Night Out 

The classic: a night-out style predicament. Whether it’s a special date with your significant other, or a night bar-hopping with your friends from college, we often put a lot more pressure on ourselves, style-wise, when the sun goes down. Booking a personal stylist for these occasions is a fail-safe way to ensure that your mojo will be sky-high all night long. Plus, it will significantly increase the number of times you’re out with your friends and say to yourself “I can’t go home yet, not enough people have seen this outfit.”

  1. Vacation

Enlisting the help of a personal stylist simplifies your vacation planning astronomically. Stylists specialize in outfits, not just items. This means that each morning you’re on vacation, all you need to do is get dressed, and go. Vacation mode ON – thinking not needed. What’s more blissful than that? Simply let your stylist know where you’re going, what you’re doing there, and how many days you’re packing for, and – like magic – your packing is finished. 

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