Karla’s Favorite #WFH Tips!

Like many of you, the team at Wishi HQ has become The Wishi WFH crew. So, we asked our users for your favorite ways to work from home and Karla chose her favorites.


TIP 1: Sarah A., Atlanta, GA

Do get ready, not dress up but maybe have on workout clothes or comfy stylish sweats (like awesome cropped sweats and sweatshirts) that you would go out in. 

I have shows streaming in the background for some noise. Gilmore Girls, Frasier, Seinfeld, Friends etc. Podcast are great as well. Schedule lunch and break. It’s easy to sit and work all day. Sit outside if you can. Have a dedicated work area. Light a scented candle!

TIP 2:  Linda B, Bedford, NY

 Do a home workout as a break/to stretch your legs.

TIP 3:  Lydia G., Chicago, IL

Love this community call to action! Let’s inspire each other however we can.

TIP 4:  Olivia R., Brooklyn, NY

Make your bed and already feel accomplished for the day.

TIP 5: Shannon C., NYC

My absolute favorite way of WFH is practicing self-care aka binge-watching Seinfeld reruns in the background while eating chocolate-covered donut holes while working. 

TIP 6: Hannah K., West Hollywood, CA

 Have a set end-of-day!

TIP 7: Anna B., Palm Beach, FL

I like to do jumping jacks for five minutes every hour to get my blood moving. That way I’m not sedimentary all day.

TIP 8: Becca O., Boulder, CO

If you work with a team remotely, have a dedicated way of communicating with your team like slack. And skype with them once a week to maintain a more real connection.

Have other great #WFH tips to share with the Wishi community? DM us @TheWishi or email us at hello@wishi.me and you could be featured here!

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