The Case for Getting Dressed

As many of us #WFH in sweats, we want to make the case for getting dressed to look and feel you’re best!

Wishi stylist Adriana Gonzalez-Ramirez has put together some tips to upgrade your WFH wardrobe while we await the days when we can show our outfits off outside!

  • Wear a sexy lace cami or cropped top underneath a button-down shirt will elevate your look.                                           
  • Add a bit of sparkle where you can- it’ll give you something to look forward to in the near future. Add fun and mismatched jewelry to make your style unique and fun. 
  • Decorate your hair with fun barrettes or headbands. Both are super on-trend!
  • Wear colorful items or floral pieces. Brighter hues instantly give a visual jolt of energy and have the power to boost your mood. 

Right now, a sweatpant rut is MORE than fine… but, if you want to take the time (which we all have plenty of right now), to switch up your look, we are here for you!

Still need a little more motivation or inspiration?

Book a Wishi stylist to have personalized looks created just for you!

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