The Path to Sustainability (…from a Wishi Stylist)

Wishi Sustainability Experts!


What can we do NOW to become more sustainable?

Buying Second Hand: The most sustainable way to shop is to buy second hand or vintage items. A good vintage find is not just a thrill but an opportunity to give garments and accessories a second chance with someone new. 

Give your wardrobe a workout: Only wearing 20% of our closet can be a thing of the past! Wear garments that have been resting for a while, chances are, no one else remembers you wearing them previously! Psst, even the royals repeat their outfits! 

Choose natural fibers: Wearing itchy clothes? We’ve got the solution! Linen, cotton, silk, and wool are some of the most popular fabrics derived from natural resources like plants and animals. Some of these can be grown organically, meaning there is no need to use chemicals or petroleum-based products to create fabrics. Natural fibers are also long-lasting and biodegradable. Sounds like a Win/Win! 

Educate yourself: We’ve prepared a list of resources from reputable websites that list the small changes you can make to impact and improve sustainability for everyone! 


3 things you didn’t know about… 

#1 Vegan Leather: In a nutshell, it’s plastic. Vegan leather has the upside of not harming animals in its creation and development but it must be carefully handled and isn’t as durable as genuine leather. Your best bet is to evaluate your use of leather or vegan leather to your personal ethics and preferences. 


#2 Denim: When selecting a pair of jeans it’s important to choose jeans with a classic fit, and wash that you can wear for many years to come. The process of creating jeans requires large amounts of water, around 1,800 gallons per pair, as well as chemical processes to add distressed, stonewashed, or bleached details. Simply put, basic denim is better for the environment.

#3 Washer/Dryer Settings: When we wash clothing with hot water we are using 90% more energy than if we washed with cold water. Switching to cold water settings no matter the color of your clothes will save you $100 a year! Peak washer and dryer performance will also happen when you adjust the size of your loads! 


How can WISHI help me become sustainable? 

1) WORKING WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT! The WISHI team has created Closet Clean Out sessions, where a professional stylist edits pieces you already own and shows a multitude of ways to wear them. This “wardrobe workout” adds longevity to your current items and eliminates the waste of wearing outfits only once. 

2) INVESTING: Based on items that are already in your closet, your WISHI stylist will advise you on what investment pieces will level up your outfits and complete your wardrobe. Investing in the right staples means buying smarter. 

3) DISCOVERING: Interested in unique new brands? We’ve got you covered! Our stylists have the expertise and knowledge to help you discover your new classics.

4) COLLABORATING: Together you can develop your personal capsule wardrobe and many ways to style it! Hello sustainable you! 

5) DOING IT ALL, SAFELY: Our stylists work remotely (so we create no carbon footprint!) and communicate with you anytime through our app!




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